The Giant Race: Home Stretch

Hey, I was just happy to make it to the finish line of The Giant Race 5K. All proceeds of the race went to Project Open Hand. The Bay Area really came out and had fun.

I was amazed at the quality of the grass on the field. It was absolutely perfectly groomed. They roped-off the infield, but it was a lot of fun to walk the field a little before heading home.


Robophishing Call “Your Debit Card Is Locked”


On the way home tonight, I got a robot call on my cell. The caller id was 73638699 and it was an automated voice telling me it was my debit card was locked. It was quite odd.

The robot voice asked for a confirmation by pressing 1 then it asked for my ATM card number.

I hung-up. It was bogus.

I called my bank directly and confirmed it. Everything was fine, but I was really surprised about the level of this phishing attack.

Be careful out there.